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All eyes are on Las Vegas this week as the city prepares to host Super Bowl LVIII. This is a monumental event for the city and its visitors as a spotlight is cast on how Clark County, home to Las Vegas, prepared by transforming its approach to handling permits and licenses.

This transformation is a technical upgrade and a strategic move, aligning with the county’s burgeoning population and the city’s role as a host to world-class events, including NFL and NHL franchises, Formula 1 racing, and now the Super Bowl.

Embracing Modernization Drives Growth

Clark County’s decision to shift six major departments to Accela’s unified, cloud-based permitting and licensing platform marks a significant step forward. This modernization effort is pivotal, especially in light of the Super Bowl’s impending arrival. The platform simplifies workflows between departments and accelerates approvals for major projects, a necessity given the county’s responsibility to entertain over 50 million visitors annually alongside its nearly 3 million residents.

A Human-Centric Approach Reshapes Experiences

At the heart of this transformation is a constituent-first philosophy, emphasized by Shurnice Coleman, the county’s manager of IT application services. The focus is on creating a seamless, one-stop-shop experience for residents and business owners, rethinking service access and organization. This approach is crucial for a city gearing up for the Super Bowl, ensuring that all services are delivered efficiently and effectively.

Innovative Responses Solves Challenges

The county, handling a massive volume of permits and licenses, has had to deal with the pressure of meeting the high expectations of property owners and developers, especially for unique projects like the Sphere entertainment complex. The move to a unified platform was a response to the strain on its legacy systems and the need for a more integrated, user-friendly approach.

The Impact of Accela’s Civic Platform

The implementation of Accela’s Civic Platform has streamlined internal workflows, reducing the time needed for permit approvals – a key factor in timely preparing for big events like the Super Bowl. The platform’s interface, designed for ease of use, caters to the needs of both local and international businesses, enabling them to submit and manage all applications through one interface as well as manage transactions remotely.

The transformation in Clark County’s permitting and licensing process is a testament to how technology can enhance efficiency and responsiveness. As Las Vegas readies itself for the Super Bowl, the Accela Civic Platform stands as a cornerstone in this effort, ensuring that the city remains a top destination for major events.

Clark County’s experience serves as a blueprint for other jurisdictions aiming to modernize their internal processes and better serve their communities.

Read more about Clark County’s transformation here, or contact us for more information.


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