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Accela acquired Envista today, and we’re thrilled to have their employees and customers join the Accela family. Envista’s cloud-based solutions provide visibility and real-time insight into street projects and activities of all kinds that occur within the public right of way. This enables proactive management of utility projects, public works, permitting, incidents, traffic and events to optimize street performance, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. And, citizens have real-time visibility to the projects that have the potential to impact their communities and lives.

We will rebrand the Envista solution as Accela Right of Way Management and continue to make this Software as a Service solution available on an annual subscription basis. Customers such as the City and County of San Francisco and City of Baltimore use the solution to effectively coordinate with utility providers whose infrastructure lies in the right of way such as PG&E and Veolia Energy—and to effectively coordinate with other related jurisdictions and special districts.

Accela Right of Way Management includes:

  • Project Coordination: Centralizes all construction and maintenance information and displays the upcoming paving schedule for better planning
  • ROW Permit Management: Allows users to apply for permits online, streamlines the permit approval process and displays the status of permits online
  • Special Events: Displays all events relating to construction and maintenance projects, including road closures, detours and parking restrictions
  • Street Incidents: Allows users to alert others to any unplanned incidents and displays traffic impacts
  • Public View: Presents a public view of controlled information of projects, special events and street incidents in a map-based format updated in real time
  • Municipal Consent: Streamlines the entire municipal consent process from initial application all the way through document circulation, assignment, fee calculations and sign offs

Accela Right of Way Management solves the problem of coordinating and communicating road construction projects and street activities between government, utilities and highway agencies—all while keeping citizens informed. We’re confident that customers will find this the right way to manage right of ways through a collaborative approach to governing that reduces infrastructure project duration and costs, and minimizes impacts of projects and events on the public.

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