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Digitizing Government: Talent and Staffing Challenges Facing Government IT Teams

In the 2016 movie Zootopia, sloths make up the entire staff at the DMV. While comical, the film plays into a perception that government…
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Accela’s Fall 2022 Product Release Designed to Help Agencies Provide Better Resident Services

Digital transformation is vital for state and local governments to better serve their residents with productivity improvements for agency employees and enhanced online experiences for…
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Building Capacity with State and Local Data Exchanges

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Darryl Booth

| Data Analytics
You are likely familiar with the phrase, “Environmental health is intensely local.” I thought maybe this premise could be attributed to a foundational environmental…
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How End-User Trust is the Lynchpin to Cloud Adoption in Both the Public and Private Sectors

While many industries were already shifting toward greater SaaS adoption pre-COVID, the pandemic has given governments a much needed push to further embrace the…
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State and Local Government’s Next Big Challenge: Sustainable Transformation

Nearly every government organization in the world is at some stage of digital transformation, and on this Earth Day, many are reflecting on how to…
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Accelarate 2019 Countdown: Delivering Elevated Experiences in the Mile High City

Attending Accelarate 2019 in Denver October 6-9? There’s still time to register and take advantage of the full conference experience, including incredible learning,…
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SolarAPP+ Celebrates 1 Year with New Data and API – Making Solar Permitting Even Faster, Cheaper, and Easier

For the first time, solar and wind energy are now cost competitive with oil and gas according to…
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A Study in Collaboration and Progress: Accela and City of Madison Partner to Elevate City Services and Engagement

When faced with a problem such as a pothole rattling your commute, a pest problem at a local restaurant, or a bus stop that’s…
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