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Streamline Solar Permitting with SolarAPP+

Happy Earth Day! Every year, millions of people worldwide show their support for environmental protection on April 22. How it started In the spring of…
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How a Unified Government Services Platform Benefits Both Agencies and Citizens

In an era where the speed and efficiency of service delivery are directly correlated with public satisfaction, government agencies are facing the growing challenge of…
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Revolutionizing Washington State Housing with SB 5290: Accela’s Role in Streamlining Permitting Processes

In a landmark moment for housing development in Washington State, the passing of Senate Bill 5290 heralds a new era of efficiency and progress…
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ChatGPT: What Mayors and Managers Must Know

A Human’s Take on ChatGPT I can tell you that I wrote every word of this article at my keyboard with our family dog looking…
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2023: The Year of Mobile

How Accela Mobile can increase efficiency in the field  The nearly 120,000 construction and building inspectors,…
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Digitizing Government: Talent and Staffing Challenges Facing Government IT Teams

In the 2016 movie Zootopia, sloths make up the entire staff at the DMV. While comical, the film plays into a perception that government…
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Accela’s Fall 2022 Product Release Designed to Help Agencies Provide Better Resident Services

Digital transformation is vital for state and local governments to better serve their residents with productivity improvements for agency employees and enhanced online experiences for…
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Building Capacity with State and Local Data Exchanges

Profile picutre of Darryl Booth

Darryl Booth

| Data Analytics
You are likely familiar with the phrase, “Environmental health is intensely local.” I thought maybe this premise could be attributed to a foundational environmental…
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