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Accela and DocuSign to Digitize Government with Electronic Signatures

Integration Brings Paperless, Secure Signature Capabilities into Accela Legislative Management Solution


Accela, the leading provider of productivity and civic engagement solutions for government, and DocuSign, the electronic signature and digital transaction management solution provider, today announced the introduction of eSignatures into the Accela Civic Platform’s Legislative Management solution.

The digital portal introduces a secure, paperless signature capability that will help government offices, employees and residents save time and money. It can also streamline the entire legislative process from agenda creation to contract finalization. Considering that Intellicap found that the average savings per electronically signed document is $22.18 and the average turnaround time is reduced by 13.5 days (97%), the potential impact is significant.

“Our vision is to enable governments to deliver services to businesses and residents how and when they want to be served – with convenience, security and transparency,” said Maury Blackman, Accela President and CEO. “By integrating eSignature into the Legislative Management solution on the Accela Civic Platform, agencies can now handle the entire legislative process seamlessly in the cloud, eliminating paper and wasted time, and offer users a comprehensive, efficient, digital government experience.”

“Even in a world where many processes are going digital, organizations still needlessly rely on pen and paper for a large number of transactions – thereby slowing everything and everyone down,” said Chris McClain, head of enterprise sales, DocuSign.“By integrating electronic signatures into the Accela Civic Platform, it will be easier for governments to go digital from start to finish.”

DocuSign’s eSignature capability will be integrated into Agenda and Minutes within the Legislative Management solution on the Accela Civic Platform. The integration is possible through Accela’s robust and flexible application programming interface (API), which will enable governments to leverage their investment in a variety of eSignature products across all solutions offered on the Accela Civic Platform.

Each month, Accela customers process approximately 18,000 documents through its Agenda and Minutes solution, with nearly every document requiring a signature. DocuSign’s eSignature solution will deliver significant benefits through hard dollar savings, productivity improvements and revenue gains with every transaction.

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