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Accela Announces Launch of Accela Center of Expertise (ACE) Staffed by Industry Leaders in Emerging and Complex Markets

Cannabis Subject Matter Expert, Judy Steele, and Industry Veteran, Darryl Booth, Tapped to Provide Expert Advice and Grow Industry Knowledge

SAN RAMON, CA – January 25, 2018 – Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based productivity solutions for government, today announced the creation of the Accela Center of Expertise (ACE), a newly formed team of industry leaders with expertise in emerging and complex markets who will focus on policy, innovation and knowledge-share around regulatory trends. ACE experts will work to help government leaders navigate complicated licensing and permitting challenges and prepare communities for whatever comes next. As Accela customers, governments are now aligned with the industry’s top subject-matter experts, leading them through the process of securing the right technology for their needs and following them through every phase of the journey.

“Accela is taking our engagement with our customers to the next level and corralling the best expertise in key policy areas to offer government leaders an expert guide to help them navigate challenges and opportunities, today and in the future,” said Accela CEO Ed Daihl. “As governments grapple with how best to handle emerging markets, such as cannabis, or complex licensing challenges, such as sanitation or vector-borne diseases, to name a few areas of focus, Accela will be there to lend a steady hand providing the tools, process insights, and industry best practices.”

The Company announced the appointment of the group’s first two subject matter experts. Darryl Booth, previously General Manager of Accela’s Environmental Health (EH) solution, will serve as ACE’s expert on environmental health and emerging regulatory and data management issues. Judy Steele, former Deputy Director of Denver Department of Excise and Licenses will act as Accela’s Cannabis Regulation expert.

Accela has long been the national leader of permitting and regulatory solutions and began leading best practices in the emerging cannabis market with a recreational permitting solution for the City and County of Denver in 2012. At the time of the go-live, Denver was the first major recreational cannabis market in the country. Following the cannabis licensing launch in Denver, Accela worked with Aurora, CO and the State of California to ensure successful licensing launches. The addition of Steele to the Accela team provides a further resource to help governments navigate cannabis regulation and to help meet growing customer needs in this area.

About the Experts

Darryl Booth served as the General Manager of Accela’s Environmental Health Division, following Accela’s acquisition of Decade Software. With over twenty years’ experience in Public Health and Informatics, Darryl’s expertise and industry knowledge includes field inspection solutions, GIS, open data, data exchanges, collaborative data standards, and other technical matters which can propel government services. He also writes a column in the Journal of Environmental Health, Building Capacity, that highlights technology projects which increase the capacity for health professionals to fulfil their missions and elevate the profession. As a Technical Advisor to the National Environmental Health Association, Darryl guides educational sessions, directs standards, and advises on technical strategy for the association.

Judy Steele joins Accela as a Cannabis Regulatory Expert and has an extensive background in government and business relations which includes experience in business licensing with the City and County of Denver and business formation filings, Uniform Commercial Code filings and Notary commissions with the State of Colorado – Secretary of State’s office. She was also part of Denver’s Marijuana Policy team and was instrumental in implementing marijuana licensing for Denver. Denver was the first major market to allow the sale of recreational cannabis in the country.

About Accela

Accela provides a market-leading platform of SaaS solutions that empower local governments to improve efficiency, increase engagement and deliver transparency to strengthen communities around the world. From asset, land and legislative management to licensing, finance, environmental health and more, our solutions serve more than 2,000 communities worldwide, including more than 80% of America’s largest cities. Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with offices in New York, Portland, Salt Lake City, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Dubai, Melbourne and Wellington. For more information, visit

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