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Accela Launches Contractor Central to Speed the Contractor-Agency Process for Construction Professionals

Mobile App Delivers Intuitive Interface for Contractors to Manage Projects, Schedule Inspections and Get Status Updates from the Field

Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based productivity and civic engagement solutions for government, today unveiled to the general public Accela Contractor Central—the newest mobile app available on the Accela Civic Platform. Accela Contractor Central is a free iOS and Android app that enables contractors and construction professionals to view and manage projects across multiple cities and counties in one central, mobile location.

“Up until now, most contractors and construction professionals have had little control over the scheduling and tracking of inspections, waiting in line after line to collect up-to-date information. Accela Contractor Central changes all of that,” said Maury Blackman, President and CEO for Accela. “With an app specifically designed with contractors in mind, every aspect of a job can now be done with a smartphone, on the go. For an industry that is $1.7 trillion in size, we think this is a gamechanger and are thrilled to be first to market to offer a tool that will drive greater efficiency around the contractor-agency process.”

For government agencies, Accela Contractor Central integrates with the back-end of Accela Permitting, part of the Accela Land Management solution, to deliver easier scheduling options throughout the construction process. Accela Permitting simplifies the process of completing a commercial or residential building permit, keeps multiple departments informed in real-time, and dramatically improves permitting turnaround times. Once a project has been approved by the agency, Accela Contractor Central makes it simple for contractors and construction professionals to request, schedule and track inspections.

For the past year, the City of Tampa, Florida has worked with Accela to run a Contractor Central pilot program, in conjunction with their current online inspection and permitting activities.

“We have been able to test new products and make suggestions to improve the permitting process,” said Jennifer Doerfel, Executive Vice President for Tampa Bay Builder’s Association. “The City of Tampa continues to find ways to streamline permitting activities for contractors. By allowing inspections to be viewed and scheduled from the field, in one app for all agencies using Accela, contractors will save time and money.”

“Whether you’re building a new high-rise downtown or pulling a permit for a small business in West Tampa, we’re open for business,” said Bob Buckhorn, Mayor of Tampa. “Our city is expanding at a rapid pace and with that we have the responsibility to make the contracts and permitting process as easy as possible. These tools will become a one-stop-shop for those looking to invest in this great city.”

Key contractor benefits of the Accela Contractor Central app include:

• The ability to manage projects across agencies and view all current projects in one place;
• Schedule, reschedule and cancel inspections directly from the app;
• View attachments from inspection results and permits;
• Single sign-on capabilities, for multiple agencies, with geolocation to make it easier to sign in to the agencies they do business with;
• Notifications on permitting and inspection results;
• A map with enabled driving directions to get contractors from one project to the next, as quickly as possible;
• Easy to navigate user interface makes it intuitive and quick for contractors to use out in the field.

Participating contractors found Contractor Central equally as useful in managing construction projects.

“I feel so strongly about this (Accela) platform that it makes me do more business in Tampa. I mean that,” said Gene Costa, a general contractor from Tampa, FL.

The Accela Civic Platform streamlines processes across government including: Asset Management, Citizen Relationship Management, Environmental Health, Finance and Administration, Land Management, Legislative Management, Licensing and Case management, Recreation and Resource Management, and Right of Way Management. To learn more, visit:

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