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Accela to Launch Software Development Program to Spur Mobile Government Applications

Company outlines “m-government” strategy built around task-centric mobile apps for specific worker roles

SAN RAMON, Calif., Jan. 12, 2012– Accela, Inc., the leading provider of web- and cloud-based software for e-government, today unveiled its corporate and product strategy for m-government and its plans to offer a software development kit (SDK) that will significantly expand the volume of Accela-based mobile apps.  Accela will deliver an accessible and cost-effective software ecosystem, enabling local, state and federal agencies to utilize cutting-edge mobile technologies that will both empower their workers and enhance citizen engagement.

Underpinning its strategy, the company will soon offer the Accela Mobile SDK, featuring a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) and tools for third-party developers, which will enable them to build apps for iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Android mobile devices that interact with an agency’s Accela Automation® platform.  The new SDK will be previewed at the Accela Partner & Developer Conference, being held March 5 – 7, 2012.

Accela’s m-government ecosystem will include applications, devices and Accela data, all connected through the Accela Cloud and strengthened through the participation of third-party developers using the Accela Mobile SDK.  Expanding the roster of mobile solutions for governments using the company’s flagship Accela Automation enterprise software, Accela also plans to deliver a number of role- and task-centric apps targeted at the specific needs of government inspectors, researchers, work crews, supervisors, and code-enforcement officers.

“m-government is ultimately about accessibility,” said Maury Blackman, Accela President and CEO.  “It’s about providing workers with the information they need wherever and whenever they need it, citizens with a stronger connection to government services, and – just as important – agencies of all sizes and budgets with access to mobile technologies that empower workers and automate processes.”


The Accela Mobile SDK will be the first of its kind from the company.  Opening up the SDK to third-party developers is intended to fuel a rapid expansion of the Accela Automation platform – adding tremendous value to existing and potential customers.  Each SDK will include:

  • APIs to interface with Accela Automation;
  • libraries optimized for use on mobile devices;
  • sample data and access to a test agency;
  • sample applications; and
  • documentation.

The SDK will enable anyone to build apps that work with Accela Automation – including agency-developed or -commissioned apps for agency staff or public users, or third-party apps.  The possibilities for apps are almost endless:

  • A government agency might commission an app that lists incoming permit applications and allows a supervisor to access and modify assignments.
  • An agency could deliver an app allowing contractors to sign in with established accounts and obtain an overview and status of their applications or permits.
  • A third-party developer could create an app that allows a user to select one or more agencies and secure a report of permits that have been applied for or issued over a span of time.
  • Developers with existing apps could enhance them using the SDK.  For example, a solar power company could provide an app allowing users to browse their products and create a project.  Based on the project’s scope, the app could use the API to determine the type and number of permits required – and users could have the option to apply for permits within the app itself.

The Accela Mobile SDK will be made free for download, but will require prior registration with the Accela Developer Program.  Further details about SDK components, as well as Program costs and structure will be shared at the Partner & Developer Conference, March 5 – 7, in Squaw Valley, Calif.  

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