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City of San Antonio Selects Accela Civic Platform for $14+ Million Civic Tech Initiative

San Antonio to Roll Out Accela Software Solutions to Upgrade City Systems to Better Manage Land, Licensing and Legislation


Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based civic engagement solutions, today announced that the City of San Antonio has selected the Accela Civic Platform to accelerate city business processes and increase citizen access to government services. San Antonio will implement Accela Land ManagementLicensing and Case ManagementLegislative Management, GIS, Mobile Office and Citizen Access, enabling agency productivity from the field and providing online capability to citizens through mobile devices.

Accela Civic Platform provides cities the foundation for automating critical tasks associated with civic functions for land management, licensing, asset management, and public health and safety. Utilizing an open architecture and a centralized database, Accela Civic Platform allows event, transaction and contact activity to be shared across departments to improve communication between office and field workers, citizens, businesses and other key stakeholders.

Accela’s partnership with San Antonio will help the City modernize and streamline the way it manages land, licensing and legislation, increasing efficiency throughout its community service offerings. By upgrading to the Accela Civic Platform, the City will be able to offer its citizens enhanced customer service while providing contractors, building inspectors and code enforcement officers with access to mobile solutions that speed processes and response time.

“The City of San Antonio is dedicated to providing its citizens with the most advanced software infrastructure that will equip our City and its citizens with the tools we need to thrive,” said Rod Sanchez, Director of Development Services at City of San Antonio. “Accela’s civic technology solutions meet our needs today and will scale with us into the future, providing the City the technology foundation needed to enhance the way we work and serve our community.”

The deal represents the most comprehensive land use and building infrastructure development and management system win for the company to-date. Accela and San Antonio will partner with technology providers including CityGovApp, DPCI, TruePoint and e-PlanSoft in order to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation. The collaboration will benefit from one of the most powerful aspects of the Civic Platform, the Construct Application Program Interface (API) that provides customers, partners and developers with easy access to the data and functionality of the Civic Platform. Because the Construct API is central to the Civic Platform, San Antonio can easily extend its new capabilities to additional government functions and choose from the rapidly growing list of third party solutions that integrate with the Civic Platform.

“The City of San Antonio was looking for a technology partner to help improve how they engaged with residents and business professionals,” said Maury Blackman, Accela President and CEO. “By moving their systems management to the Accela Civic Platform, the City will be able to offer its citizens a more robust level of customer service and engagement, deliver access to services and information its citizens and businesses need, and be aligned with a platform that is ready to scale and grow with them as they continue to build a better community.”

With the addition of San Antonio, Accela now works with more than 60 Texas-based civic agencies, helping streamline critical government functions and saving both time and money in cities, counties, transportation authorities, utilities and independent school districts across the Lone Star State.

Media Contacts
Rachel Fukaya
Barokas PR for Accela
(831) 229-5761

Ximena Copa-Wiggins
Public Relations Manager
Development Services Department
City of San Antonio
(210) 207-0221

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