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Executives from Accela and Louisville, KY to Host Discussion on Affordable Housing Solutions at the 2022 National League of Cities City Summit

Accela Managing Director Darryl Booth and Develop Louisville Director Marilyn Harris will discuss how cities are tapping digital building software solutions to reach affordable housing goals

San Ramon, Calif. — On Thursday, November 17, Darryl Booth, managing director of the Center of Experts and Government Affairs for govtech leader Accela and Develop Louisville Director Marilyn Harris, will co-host a session titled, “Five Practical Actions Designed to Increase Housing Inventory” at the 2022 National League of Cities City Summit.

Forty-nine percent of Americans say affordable housing is a major problem in their local community, posing as a top priority for cities and towns across the country. However, local jurisdictions are often stymied by outmoded building processes that unnecessarily add dollars and delays to these important projects.

In this session sponsored by Accela, participants will explore how cities adopted technology changes to reach their affordable housing goals, while positively impacting the delivery of other city services. Examples include registering vacant and abandoned properties; and using state-of-the-art data monitoring tools, such as dashboards, to keep the city and its partners focused on key priorities.

Accela’s building solutions modernize traditional government permitting processes. They allow municipalities to easily launch virtual inspections and streamline permitting in order to achieve communities’ strategic goals to protect and expand affordable housing. In Tacoma, Accela’s solutions saved 30 hours per month on over-the-counter permits and 44 hours per month by offering ePermits.

Learn more about Accela’s building solutions here. If you’d like to schedule an interview with Darryl to learn more about Accela, please reach out to

What: 2022 National League of Cities City Summit session “Five Practical Actions Designed to Increase Housing Inventory”

Who: Darryl Booth, managing director of the Center of Experts and Government Affairs of Accela, and Marilyn Harris, director at Develop Louisville 

When: Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 10:00 AM -10:45 AM CT

Where: Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, MO

Registration: Please visit this link to register. 


About Accela

Accela provides a unified suite of cloud solutions trusted by governments across the globe to accelerate their digital transformation, deliver vital services, and build stronger communities. More than 275 million citizens worldwide benefit from Accela’s government software solutions. The company offers agile, purpose-built solutions and the power of a platform that provides users with a consumer-like experience, shares data across departments, and ensures world-class security.

With Accela, government agencies experience rapid and effective digital transformation. Accela’s government software meets agencies wherever they are on their modernization journey, while also helping them prepare for whatever comes next. Three-consecutive year Microsoft US Partner Award winner for its innovative SaaS solutions to help governments respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and was selected by Fast Company for its World Changing Ideas Award in 2022. Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with offices around the world. For more information, visit

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