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New Version of Accela Analytics App for Government Adds Support for iPhone and iOS 5

Version 7.1.2 also includes support for agency and online Esri maps

SAN RAMON, Nov. 17, 2011– Accela, Inc., the San Ramon, Calif.-based leading provider of cloud- and web-based software applications for e-government, today announced the availability of Accela Analytics™ 7.1.2, the newest version of the company’s popular iPad app, which enables government decision-makers to quickly access and analyze the enterprise data behind their operations, anytime and anywhere.  Version 7.1.2 extends key elements of the app’s functionality to the iPhone and delivers support for iOS 5.  Further enhancements include record location display via Esri base maps and agency-specific map layers; a preview mode that lets users “test drive” the app with a demo data set; and general improvements in usability and data access.

Accela Analytics 7.1.2 can immediately be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

Accela Analytics accesses information from an agency’s Accela Automation® enterprise software – which is deployed by hundreds of governments across the United States and overseas – and provides a graphical display of the latest trends and activities for specific areas, such as permit and license applications and inspections, code enforcement cases, service requests, and much more.


With Accela Analytics 7.1.2, iOS users reap the benefits of Accela Automation’s tight integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Server, enabling them to connect to their agency’s map data, whether it is published from ArcGIS Server or supplied by Esri’s ArcGIS Online cloud infrastructure.  Esri’s powerful maps have been infused into Accela Analytics 7.1.2 in two ways:  via Esri base maps (such as street, satellite or topographic views); and map overlays, which can depict zoning impacts (e.g., color-coded city limits, special assessment districts, flood zones, school zones) as well as user-selected physical assets (such as hydrants, manholes or utility lines) on layers superimposed on the base map.

This rich mapping environment allows government managers or field-based workers to better understand the terrain, environment or other attributes that could affect current projects.  It also allows workers to access the kinds of maps they need for their specific roles.  A fire captain might want to work from maps showing hydrants and gas lines, while a building inspector might need to view flood zones or topographic information, and a public works employee might want to see the locations of manhole covers and storm drains.

“Our goal with Accela Analytics has been to provide an extensible app to meet diverse needs,” said Jerald Lo, Chief Technology Officer at Accela.  “With 7.1.2, our customers can leverage Esri maps in the manner that best meets their workers’ requirements:  ArcGIS for teams that have agency-defined maps or ArcGIS Online for agencies without a robust GIS infrastructure.”


Accela Analytics offers a number of ways for government users to seamlessly interact with their data to obtain a broad view or detailed analyses.  The app’s home screen provides a high-level snapshot with access to charts, maps, and watch lists for specific records.

  • Tracking trends:  Charts (iPad only) enable administrators to see how their organization is performing over time.  Drop-down menus allow user-defined searches, and color-coded lines in the charts represent the various kinds of data selected, such as application trends and inspection workloads.
  • Activity by location:  Accela Analytics also displays data on a map, providing an overview of the volume and types of department activity occurring within a jurisdiction.  Color-coded push pins display activity for user-defined dates and geographic criteria, with zoom-and-pan navigation for easier research.
  • Detailed records:  Users can create watch lists of specific records they want to follow, allowing drill-down access to key information.   Lists can be easily modified or removed without affecting any back-end data.
  • Preview mode:  The new preview mode offers a demo data set, which allows agency users to “test drive” the app and become familiar with its full range of functionality prior to using with their agency-specific data.


Accela Analytics requires a registered Accela Automation account and use of Accela Automation 7.0.5 Service Pack 3 or higher, as well as use of iOS 4.2 or higher on 3GS or newer devices.  Future support is planned for other platforms, such as Android and Windows 7.  Additional information can be found at:

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