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Tauranga City Council, New Zealand, Selects Accela for its Corporate Asset Management Solution

New system will help Council streamline management of broad range of infrastructure and community assets

TAURANGA, New Zealand, Oct. 4, 2011 – Accela, Inc., the leading provider of web- and cloud-based software applications for e-government, today announced that Tauranga City Council (TCC) has selected Accela Automation software to manage its NZ$2.7 billion ($2.2 billion) of city assets and infrastructure.  TCC is the second New Zealand city government to select the asset management application of Accela Automation, and will implement the software to further improve efficiency in:  the provision and management of water and wastewater services; storm water management; city-owned open spaces; as well as land, building and transportation assets.  The use of Accela Automation will enable TCC to manage all of its assets from one central database and system.  Initial phases of the implementation are scheduled to begin this month with an expected completion in 2012.

Tauranga also will be the first New Zealand authority to implement Accela Mobile Office, a companion solution to Accela Automation, which will allow the city’s field based workers and contractors to receive and transmit from-the-job work orders, inspection data, and GIS data, as well as occupational health and safety information.

TCC is a local government authority based in Tauranga, center of the sixth-largest urban area in New Zealand, in the Bay of Plenty region along New Zealand’s North Island, and is responsible for providing services to nearly 120,000 residents over an area of more than 12,700 hectares (49 square miles).  TCC is committed to improving the internal efficiencies of its asset management and service delivery by updating its technology and processes.

In its selection process TCC specified its primary goals as:

  • improving, streamlining and integrating asset management practices with other corporate systems to enable and further improve optimum decision making for guide renewal, maintenance, and budgeting programs;
  • enabling better and easier reporting for staff to allow the use of data captured by the system to improve extraction and analysis of data for asset management and asset related decision making; and
  • deploying a browser-based solution, which is easy to use, flexible, integrated, and offers a complete solution for staff and contractors.

TCC selected Accela Automation after an extensive internal review of TCC’s functional and technical requirements for a corporate solution, including an open expression of interest process, followed by a request for proposal from three additional suppliers.

TCC has selected a solution that it considers will be able to support its core business activities both now and into the future and integrate with the other Corporate Systems of Council.  Accela presented a solution offering modern architecture, flexibility and overall usability.  Advanced asset management functionality will be enhanced by integration with long-range planning and forecasting tools from Accela partner Riva Modeling.

TCC’s Group Manager Business Services, Dean Riley, on selecting the Accela solution, commented:  “This is an historic opportunity for Tauranga City Council to improve our planning capabilities by merging four systems into one asset management package that meets the diverse needs of the entire organization.  Not only will this improve our planning but it will also result in improved efficiencies.”

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