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Hernando County, Florida, Builds a Broadcast Presence

Solution Keeps Citizens Near and Far Engaged in Local Government

For Hernando County’s Government Broadcasting department, there was frustration over outdated video systems and laborious processes that included putting meetings and events on DVD and VHS. Not only were these processes antiquated, but they were also costly for citizens who wished to obtain video recordings of a meeting or show.


Once Hernando County decided Accela Legislative Management was the most beneficial fit for its community, staff received an encoder and set it up to live-stream County media. In its first year alone, Hernando County was able to record and upload about 290 shows, ranging from Board of County Commissioners’ meetings to cooking shows and non-profit videos.

Viewers were especially thrilled that they could watch from vacation residences outside of Hernando County, allowing them to stay connected to their community at all times. Most importantly, the ability to timestamp the recordings offered citizens the power to skip through recordings to watch discussions of agenda items that mattered to them most.

With Accela Legislative Management came the creation of the Hernando County Media Center, which offers an alternative to hosting videos on YouTube. Hernando County has found that the Media Center website is heavily accessed by the community.


With Accela Legislative Management, Hernando County was able to build out its broadcast presence, making it easier for citizens to view and download meetings and programming at their convenience, regardless of location or time.

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