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You may now have the support you need to justify spend on infrastructure modernization leveraging technology like Accela.

The American Rescue Plan

In a shifting market with tightening budgets, the need for government to move their services to a digital platform has never been more critical. COVID-19 mandated a reimagining of many processes, but did it change the way we do business indefinitely?

To support the digital modernization of state and local governments and remedy the economic impact due to the pandemic, $350 billion has been allocated to jurisdictions of all sizes through the American Rescue Plan. And the good news is that these funds can be used through December of 2026.

How Can You Get Funding?

To obtain funding, be sure to follow proper protocol per jurisdiction, whether that be through your procurement, grants management, or finance department. If your agency has a population of more than 50,000 people, you will receive funds directly from the Treasury. For those jurisdictions below 50,000 in population, funds must be requested through the State.

Be sure you register or renew your SAM registration and obtain your DUNS number for tracking purposes. Both will be required to receive allocations.

“Making sure that we are putting in place the right tools to protect our governments, to avoid the very costly types of breaches and ransomware attacks that some governments have been affected by this year, is another great way to ultimately take out costs long-term.”

— Darryl Booth, Managing Director of Accela Center of Expertise & Government Affairs

More Information

The following links will provide you with additional insights into the ARP legislation, eligibility, allocations and more.

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