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Industry insights and information to better understand complex govtech topics. 

You deal with complicated issues every day and we want to be a go-to resource to help you navigate them with ease. From spurring economic development in your community to implementing a local solution for cannabis regulation, 3rd party experience, research and insights can often be just the help you need to start a meaningful conversation and quickly determine the solution that is right for you.  

    8 Trends Transforming Community Planning

    The world’s population is projected to increase from 7.6B to 9.8B by 2050*, and the characteristics of the population are changing. Planners and the community planning function are responsible for creating environments that are suitable and appealing for a broad array of citizens to help their communities grow and thrive….

    Shrinking Permit Turnaround Times

    When it comes to permitting, safety is the number one priority. By enforcing construction codes and standards specific to a geographic region, states, cities, towns, and counties protect their citizens from avoidable hazardous situations. Building codes give communities the best chance at defending themselves against structural failures and lower the risk of damage caused by the elements….
  • Center for Digital Government White Paper:

    A Fast, Effective Path to Marijuana Regulation

    Local governments leaders are turning to technology to simplify marijuana regulation, revenue collection and enforcement. Learn about the tools communities can leverage to coordinate efforts between multiple departments, manage data, report results to the public and stakeholders, and launch these sensitive programs successfully and efficiently.
  • Governing Institute White Paper:

    The Modern City: Reducing Red Tape with Civic Technology

    This issue brief, from the Governing Institute, discusses how modern cities are ushering in a new era of technology innovation and cutting the red tape traditionally associated with municipal regulatory processes to improve the quality of life for citizens and help drive economic development.
  • Governing Institute White Paper:

    Making Your Community Thrive: Attracting Developers to Spur Economic Growth

    This white paper will discuss how local government officials can employ the right mix of strategic planning, citizen engagement and innovative technology to attract development and appeal to new and growing businesses. Learn what Boston, Mass., Tampa, Fla., Palo Alto, Calif., and Hillsboro, Ore., have done to meet their long-term economic goals — and the technologies they put in place to get there.

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