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Automate the permitting process to speed growth and development in your community

Manage projects in the cloud to eliminate paper and manual permit functions.

Accela’s Civic Application for Building automates all aspects of the building permit process and moves them online, dramatically reducing permitting time and costs. From initial application to issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy, moving services online ensures you can better manage projects and speed growth in your community. 


  • Improved developer productivity

    Being able to interact in the process from a friendly website, instead of standing in line means builders can save time and money. And faster turnaround times means they can schedule jobs more effectively, and do a better job of keeping development projects on schedule and on budget.

  • Increased agency productivity

    Help office personnel handle more requests and process more permit reviews in a shorter amount of time with automation and more efficient data access. Increase inspector effectiveness and speed with routing and data capture in the field, ensuring they can do more, and do it faster.

  • Better management of public funds

    Cloud-based building solution decreases the volume of phone calls, foot traffic, and paper handling and storage. Agencies become “greener” and reduce the public funds needed to process permits.

  • Improved citizen satisfaction

    Making it easier for builders to do business with their local government improves citizen and business satisfaction and helps communities grow and thrive.

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Building can help you simplify the permitting process.

Thanks to our Accela solution, we were able to reduce turnaround times for residential permits from approximately three weeks to three days, and for commercial permits, from two months to five to 10 days.”

Luis Vasquez
Chief Building Official at the office of Building Permits and Inspections, McAllen, TX


  • Savings and speed from the cloud

    Faster time-to-value

    A pre-built solution provides many of the workflows, user interfaces, permit types, license requirements, data integrations, and reports needed to process building permits. Having these pre-built assets included in the solution means your system is in production faster, and at a lower cost.

    Permit processing in the cloud

    With a SaaS solution, agencies don’t have to worry about setting up, or managing expensive hardware and software infrastructures, or load and maintain application software. Accela manages the entire system for agency customers, including updates, while meeting security and compliance requirements.

  • Easier access for citizens and teams

    Accela software is easy to access in the field

    Workflow management

    Automate the steps needed for permit processing, including reviews, approvals, data capture and communications. Accela’s Building solution assigns tasks, tracks reviews, associates documents and information to tasks, and keeps processes running smoothly and on time.

    Accela Citizen Access portal

    A built-in citizen portal allows builders to easily submit permit applications, make payments, check status, schedule inspections, and upload information, all from their PC or tablet, and do it 24/7. This enables a faster way to request and process permits, and ensures builders can always get a current status of their permits to better manage projects.

    Accela Mobile

    Allow inspectors and code enforcement officers to carry their “offices” with them and manage their schedules, route their travel, view GIS information, download needed information from the agency systems, complete the inspection report, upload data captured in the field, and submit inspection reports electronically from a mobile tablet or phone.

    Electronic Document Review

    Remove the need for paper in the permitting process. Agency employees can upload digital documents, comment on and markup documents, and ensure they always have the unstructured information needed at the right time in the process.


  • Smart reporting and integrations

    Integrate with GIS

    GIS capabilities are included in Accela Building, and provides intuitive visualizations of location data, making zoning and permitting data easier to understand.

    Online reporting

    Accela Building includes reporting and data visualization, giving users and management insight into the metrics and data about the broader permitting function. This helps managers measure, track and analyze your permitting processes to uncover opportunity to improve employee speed and effectiveness.

    Platform-wide APIs, SDKs and open data

    Modern technologies allow agencies to integrate data and processes across complementary solutions to meet the unique needs of their permitting processes.


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