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Maximize resources, speed time to occupancy with Accela Building

When attracting new businesses to your community, approving permits is a necessary part of the process. Yet with an increase in service demand and growing counter lines, safety and compliance can become a bottleneck. With the right technology solution, you can automate and accelerate the building permitting process to make it easy for contractors and citizens to do business with you.

Accela Building speeds the time to Certificate of Occupancy to help your community grow and prosper, while keeping multiple departments informed in real time. With Electronic Document Review, Code Enforcement and Inspection apps, your inspectors can be efficient from the field, helping you keep up with permitting demand and increase compliance in your community.


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Speed the permitting process

Improve turnaround times by moving traditional counter services online, incorporating electronic documents, and adding mobile inspection capabilities.

Provide access to city services

Citizens can apply for, track and pay for permits online or on a mobile device without making a trip to City Hall.

Save time for staff and citizens

Save staff and citizen time by accepting and managing permits online and capturing inspection results in real time.

About Accela Building

Watch how Accela Building helps agencies improve productivity and enhance service delivery to the public.

City of McAllen Texas
"...reduce turnaround times for residential permits from approximately three weeks to three days..."

"Thanks to our Accela solution, we were able to reduce turnaround times for residential permits from approximately three weeks to three days and for commercial permits from two months to 5-10 days."

Luis Vasquez, Chief Building Official, Building Permits and Inspections, McAllen, Texas


Streamlined workflows

Automate and streamline your permitting workflows, including application check-in, plan reviews, fee calculation and collection, sign-offs and task lists.

Incorporated ICC codes

Incorporate ICC Building Code consideration and best practices for online customer application processing and payment, overall processing flow, data collection and fee collection.

Fee calculations and cashiering

Automate fee collection and accurately assess and collect permitting fees with an integrated cashiering capability. Citizens can pay online with CivicPay or at the counter.

GIS integration and mapping

Access GIS maps and leverage your agency’s GIS information to gain a geographic view of land and infrastructure information associated with records, such as parcels, permits and inspections.

Citizen-facing website

Move counter and call center services online to provide citizens with an easy and convenient multi-language view of your planning, permitting and building information and activities.

Mobile apps for field workers

Be efficient from the field with mobile apps such as Accela Inspector and Contractor Central to enable more inspections in less time, with automated back-office assignments, scheduling and route generation.

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