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Customer Spotlight: Inspection App Slashes Complaints and Costs for El Paso Waste Operations

Astrid Bunner, El Paso
Jesus Yamaguchi remembers the stacks of work orders. They filled up drawers, piled up on desks and made small mounds on the office floor.As El Paso Texas’ solid waste operations manager Yamaguchi said the work orders were part of an enormous service backlog for a vast number of waste bins. El Paso is a city of more than 680,000 residents and Yamaguchi and his eight-person field crew had to handle all requests tied to waste bin distribution and maintenance.“I had more than 5,000 work orders, and these were not current work orders, these were backlogged,” Yamaguchi said. “Back then it was taking you from six to eight months to get any type of service,… Continue reading

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