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Four Ways GIS Can Make Your City Smarter

In this Esri Story Map, Esri shows where the housing prices have grown the most unaffordable for residents in the San Francisco Bay Area. State and local governments are using GIS mapping like this to inform policy and improve services. Cities are growing denser with residents, city services are in high demand, and all while leaders struggle to balance tight budgets and limited resources. This is the common plight of many state and local governments throughout the U.S. as they seek for faster, more efficient ways to serve their communities.As a response to these challenges, departments and agencies of all types are learning about the power of Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping to get a clearer picture of operations and to deliver services more efficiently…. Continue reading

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Why GIS Mapping may be the Next Game Changer in Marijuana Regulation

Jason Shueh
Denver active cannabis license map

Denver shows how Esri GIS and Accela’s licensing tools are accelerating cannabis license processing and transparency.

For government, geography has an implicit connection to decision making. Geography directs how we navigate our streets, determines food choices, influences home prices, employment options, utilities and even the access we have to quality health care. With so much riding on location, maps have become a staple of government as agencies hunt for quick insights and competent solutions. Now, the public sector’s capacity for cartography is gaining new ground through the spread of legalized cannabis. There are 30 states and Washington, D.C., that have legalized medical marijuana, eight of these have approved it for recreational use and still more are considering legalization in some form…. Continue reading

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