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Accela, the trusted provider of cloud solutions at the heart of governments, is proud to announce Noam Reininger as its new Chief Executive Officer. With over 20 years of experience in technology and information services, Reininger’s appointment signals a renewed commitment to innovation and customer-focused product development at Accela.  

“Noam’s impressive background in successfully leading and scaling technology initiatives makes him an ideal choice to steer Accela towards future growth,” said Jon Nuger, Managing Director, Berkshire Partners.  

“Under Reininger’s leadership, Accela is poised to further its vision of helping governments build thriving communities through technology that is both powerful and accessible,” said Jason Brein, Partner, Francisco Partners.  

Reininger’s career is marked by his versatility in both start-ups and large organizations, with a focus on creating and marketing products for diverse customers, including governments, enterprises, and small businesses. His ability to understand and adapt to new industries, combined with his operational expertise in managing product lifecycles, positions Accela to enhance its offerings and expand its market reach.  His experience in building transformative technology solutions for local and state governments is especially relevant to Accela’s customer base. Reininger has held leadership or senior management positions at ServiceChannelGordianDell, and Dun & Bradstreet and he was a co-founder of SalesVu. 

“I’m excited to join Accela at a time of remarkable opportunity,” said Reininger. “My goal is to leverage my experience in product innovation to further strengthen Accela’s portfolio, ensuring that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers with cutting-edge solutions.”

Reininger is set to succeed Gary Kovacs, who is retiring after a successful five-year tenure with Accela. During Kovacs’ tenure, Accela transformed from a collection of isolated point solutions into a cohesive, cloud-based platform. This strategic decision streamlined operations, offering seamless connectivity for government departments, a convenient one-stop hub for residents and businesses, and more efficient data sharing across jurisdictions. As a result of these changes, Accela gained a competitive edge in the govtech industry, which translated into high customer satisfaction and substantial growth.    

In September 2023, Accela announced that it received a strategic growth investment from Francisco Partners. Berkshire Partners remains a significant investor with an equal equity holding in Accela.  


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