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Picture this: you get in your car to go about your day. Maybe you’re going to run some errands or heading to work, but the street is blocked and it’s a familiar sight—road construction.

If you’re like me, you want to pull your hair out. Then, when you calm down you think to yourself: Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s happening in the streets before leaving the house?

Enter our new Accela Right of Way Management solution: Citizen’s View. With Citizen’s View your agency can launch a responsive, configurable website that shows road construction, traffic impacts and community events on a map, calendar, timeline and more to engage and inform citizens.

Show citizens projects on a map

  • Add a map to your agency website to share right-of-way information b2ap3_thumbnail_CitizensROW_landingpage_HighRES2-copy.jpg
  • Upload your project, event, traffic impact and street cut data
  • Display activities in relation to each other on the map
  • Publish and expose GIS information (including Esri layers)

Keep citizens up-to-date with a calendar

  • Add a calendar with important events and project information to your website
  • Filter and search capabilities to allow citizens to find relevant activities
  • Customize the layout and color scheme to match your agency website
  • Keep citizens informed in real time

Allow the public to view your project timeline

  • Add a timeline to show when road construction and other planned projects are happening and for how long
  • Allow citizens to understand the scope of your right-of-way projects
  • Display relevant information to the public to help citizens make informed decisions

Citizens want to know what’s happening in the streets and in their community. Giving them access to right-of-way information online allows citizens to have a positive experience, ensuring better government transparency and communication. Read more about Citizen’s View here!


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