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In times of challenge and disaster, Accela understands the importance of rapid response and assessment to communities and residents to aid in clean-up and recovery.

To help communities affected by Hurricane Ian, Accela is offering every customer that has been impacted free access to our Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA) Cloud Service. This solution streamlines the inspection efforts necessary to get displaced residents back into their homes quickly and safely. It can be used for the immediate windshield survey inspections needed to expedite FEMA relief, and for full property and infrastructure assessment.

Our RDA Cloud Service is available now, and will be for as long as these communities need it. It offers:

  • Mobile inspections
  • Bulk inspection record creation and assignments
  • Public-facing portal for reporting of RDA results by address and area
  • Streamlined FEMA relief reporting

If you are a customer jurisdiction in need of a windshield survey inspection required by FEMA, or property and infrastructure inspection assistance, please contact us at

We will work to quickly get your community set up for inspections and help ensure a safe return to the structures that house your most valuable asset, your residents and businesses.

Accela specializes in land management and building permitting, and has significant experience in helping communities impacted by severe weather and is committed to doing whatever we can to support them during this time. After a major storm, there can be a large influx of building permits needed to support a city’s recovery and rebuilding efforts, and Accela can help with any modifications needed to Accela Citizen Access, online submittals, fees, and more.

Following Hurricanes Dolly, Ike, Katrina, Harvey and Irma, we worked side-by-side with city leaders and inspectors to deploy our RDA solution, which significantly decreased the timeline of damage assessment work.

To those communities affected by Hurricane Ian, please know you are in our thoughts, and your recovery is one of our most important priorities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help.

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