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The past year has been extraordinary in countless ways. As a technology partner for governments across the country, it’s been more important than ever for Accela to make a positive impact with our teams and solutions. From Seattle, Washington to Charlotte, North Carolina, our customers have been on the front lines of keeping their communities safe during COVID-19, providing critical services remotely, safely reopening businesses, and more. Their impact and continued drive to serve their citizens are why Accela is especially proud to be named one of Inc.’s inaugural Best in Business award winners. The list recognizes companies that have gone above and beyond to make a positive difference in their communities, industries, and society as a whole.

“Governments are increasingly reliant on digital technology to expand access to critical information, provide essential services, and connect with their communities. When Covid-19 hit, Accela asked government IT decision-makers about the most critical, time-sensitive actions needed to keep operations running and citizens safe. In just two weeks, Accela developed a suite of 13 cloud solutions to help local and state governments and agencies work remotely, offer online services to citizens, and conduct virtual inspections–and helped implement these solutions within a week despite financial and human resource constraints.” – Inc.

While the world grappled with how to respond to this crisis, Accela has had the privilege of working hand-in-hand with government leaders and IT professionals across the nation who have worked tirelessly to strengthen our country’s response to COVID-19. The work that our state and local customers have been able to achieve despite tremendous adversity has been nothing short of incredible. Within a matter of weeks, 807 government staff used our Virtual Inspections solution to serve 3,276,180 residents; 37 staff completed 22,567 Health Assessments to serve 471,519 residents; and 100 staff leveraged our Reopening Business solution to benefit 1.477 million residents.

One of our customers, Baltimore County, Maryland transitioned 3,500 employees to remote work within just three weeks. The county leveraged our technology to create an online payment system processing between 100-500 transactions daily to keep development projects moving forward. Manatee County, Florida processed an unprecedented 3,097 permit requests within one month to continue business as usual amid the pandemic, and Suffolk County, New York is leveraging Accela’s Business Reopening solution to address 400 citizen requests weekly.

This year, efforts like these have afforded us honors on the SaaS 1000 list of the fastest-growing SaaS companies, placement among the Top 50 Largest East Bay Tech Employers, and recognition as a 2020 Microsoft US Partner Award Winner for “COVID-19 Community Response.” This latest recognition from Inc. is a testament to our government customers, whose vision and work to provide critical public services and maintain community wellbeing is more impactful now than ever.

We are excited to continue to work with our government partners to drive engagement and impact in their communities as the rate of transformation further accelerates.


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