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While we all have been trying to adjust to a new reality, we may find that certain obligations we had still remain. Across cities and counties, urgent citizen requests await responses, construction and development projects must continue, and vital paperwork needs to be completed and signed. We realize these projects simply can’t be put to a halt. That’s why Accela continues to drive technological innovation through regular product releases and upgrades to serve governments, empower them to operate remotely, and support the citizens they serve.

accela version 20.1 on a computer

At any given time, you can be assured Accela is listening to and analyzing our partners’ most important needs so we can offer the most useful solutions possible. With everything happening right now, the availability of our versatile, cloud-based, digital tools has become even more essential for cities and counties, as agencies are having to make swift changes to stay resilient and accelerate workflows from anywhere at any time. Our product teams consistently fortify Accela’s Civic Applications with enhancements and supplemental features to cater to the evolving needs of our local partners, and our customer support teams are constantly available to ensure agencies can maximize our tools to the highest degree.

As we announce our Spring 2020 Product Release, Accela users can now leverage our newest updates to strengthen citizen engagement, receive an improved user interface experience, and streamline the deployment of our tools. Moreover, these enhanced capabilities support new modes of system management and mobile processes to accommodate governments’ responses to the global pandemic.

Streamlining Administrative Capabilities

This most recent product release provides significantly greater value for back-office systems, citizen productivity, and administrative needs to help agency staff maintain business continuity during a particularly strange time. In addition to the latest version of our flexible Accela Civic Platform (V20.1), this package includes updated versions of Accela Mobile, GIS, and Accela Citizen Access.

For administrators, we are excited to announce we have also refined Accela’s Electronic Document Review (AEDR) to include better support for capturing electronic signatures. We hope this specific solution can help agencies reduce their reliance on paper-based systems amid their digital transformations, especially as many government systems near their breaking point as a result of surging requests during COVID-19.

Improved Back-Office and Citizen Usability

Additional core components of this product release include improved access to inspection information for citizens, as well as functionality for field workers working with ESRI maps via mobile devices.

A New Civic Application for Fire Prevention

In preparation for the upcoming change in season, we are also equipping cities with a new Civic Application for Fire Prevention, which will help fire departments manage vital regulatory routines, modernize permit processes, and utilize an updated version of our Civic Application for Environmental Health.

Our Spring Release parallels our constantly growing suite of recently launched COVID-19 Response Solutions, which were developed specifically to help our partners solve some of the most prominent challenges resulting from the current health crisis. This uniquely designed lineup of solutions currently includes a dozen options to get more nurses and doctors on the front lines, broaden access to essential goods, provide vital child care resources, and more. And our teams at Accela are only continuing to add to it as our customers’ needs evolve.

We at Accela acknowledge the imperative to enable digital infrastructure and virtual collaboration to keep services running during the coronavirus pandemic. More than anything, we hope this comprehensive suite of tailored solutions for the pandemic, our latest Spring Release, and the rest of our available solutions can continue to uplift the agencies working on the front lines to protect their communities while keeping operations moving forward. More information about the Accela Spring 2020 Product Release and COVID-19 Response Solutions can be found on our website.


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