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Special thanks to Mrs. Ruba Khattab – Accela Services Operations Manager, Ms. Odiel Allaf – Accela Services Operations, and Mr. Ziad Yamak Senior Manager – Middle East, for contributing to this update.

This July, we were excited to announce the opening of an Accela Center of Excellence in Amman, Jordan. What started a few years ago as a two-person pilot initiative aimed at expanding our capacity to provide timely and cost effective solutions to Accela’s Middle East customers, has now grown to a team of more than 25 Accela certified configuration consultants fully integrated with Accela’s worldwide operations.

Today, the Accela Amman team serves a number projects globally including:

    • World Bank IFC (Integrated Inspection Management System) Project – Jordan
    • Dubai Tourism – UAE
    • Ministry of Finance – Kuwait
    • Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs
    • San Diego – USA
    • Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs – UAE

In addition to project delivery, the team in Amman also handles the Middle East customer support service/call center and delivery tools innovation.

The Amman advantage

In the last few years, Accela’s operations in the Middle East have increased significantly, fostering a number of strategic partnerships with governments across the region. Accela selected Amman for its advanced digital infrastructure, its highly qualified workforce, and to be able to offer Accela’s expanding global customer base professional services and technology solutions that meet their implementation timeframes and budgets.

Serving global projects

As Accela grows its global customer base, we will continue to expand our international services capabilities to keep pace and deliver industry leading technology projects and customer service. The new Center of Excellence in Amman, Jordan will play a critical role in this expansion and will continue to grow in size and capabilities over the coming years.



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