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The 2014 Accela Partner and Developer Conference was a great success. Our partners arrived expecting to learn how to increase their revenues building, selling and delivering Civic Platform solutions while providing civic good, and we did not let them down.

As our company has grown, so has our channel. What started a decade ago as a small group of companies implementing our software has grown into a vibrant ecosystem across segments of sales, delivery, alliance and development, all actively enjoying success as Accela partners.

With a focus on business, the Accela Partner and Developer Conference agenda was packed, including sessions on the details of our partner program, growing your business with Accela, uncovering new opportunities for revenue, understanding the competitive landscape, seeing the new best practice templates, many roundtables and breakouts, and two very well received sessions where our partners shared their stories and Accela introduced an industry game changer.

A lot was covered on Monday, with highlights from our CEO, Maury Blackman, covering our innovation and Civic Platform expansion, our investment in our partner program, including developer tools, and our recent round of funding. Also announced was our move into both San Francisco and Manhattan with two new offices.


Getting ready to begin the High Speed Networking session at PDC 2014

We kicked off Tuesday with our own version of professional networking called High Speed Networking, putting our partners squarely in front of Accela staff in a rapid-fire yet intimate round of getting to know our partners and how we can be more successful together. It was a hit! Then, later we saw live demos and learned about our exciting new On Demand Framework, which provides a unique opportunity for our developer partners to build entire government solutions on our platform without any cost, while providing the developers access to the full Accela Sales and Reseller Partner groups to help sell those products to a burgeoning collection of government staff and citizens who come to work and engage together on the Civic Platform. With hundreds of government-specific APIs and a growing collection of SDKs and source code, building solutions for Civic Good has never been easier or more profitable.

It is a great time to be a part of the Accela Partner ecosystem, and it was evident by the participation and feedback at the conference. The fuel for growing Accela comes fully from our partners, who learned first-hand at the conference that connecting citizens to government is easy with the engagement fabric of the Civic Platform, and is both profitable and good—Civic Good.

Finding Our True North: Bringing Customers, Partners and Developers Together at PDC 2014

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