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Many government agencies have already discovered the benefits of moving their permitting and inspection and code enforcement processes online. Whether your agency serves a large metropolitan area or a small town, the benefits are the same: doing more with less—in less time.

So, what can you do that you couldn’t do before?

Government agencies can save time by accepting and managing permits online and capturing inspection results in real time. Developers, contractors and citizens can submit permit applications and review progress and make updates without making a trip to City Hall. Inspectors can interact with complete case information, access their daily inspection schedules, create new cases in the field, and submit inspection results remotely. Code officers can seamlessly create and manage cases in the field using their mobile devices—whether they are performing proactive sweeps or following up on issues reported by police, fire professionals, citizens or other community partners. They can also easily include photos of difficult-to-explain situations in field reports.

See how it all works in these new demos of our Accela Permitting and Inspection and Accela Code Enforcement solutions.

Already using one of these solutions? Leave a comment and let us know how your workday has changed since moving away from paper and what your citizens have to say about it.


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