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We are excited to announce that today we acquired Springbrook Software and SoftRight, leaders in cloud-based fund accounting, payroll, human resources and utility billing software.

These new additions to the Civic Platform allow cities and counties not only to be more productive and modernize finance and billing processes, but also to meet demands of local residents. As we expand our platform and solidify our position as the leader in civic engagement, our truly connected and integrated solutions offer more capabilities to fit all agencies no matter the size or complexity.

We will rebrand the Springbook and SoftRight solution suite as Accela Finance & Administration, and going forward we’ll have the ability to provide city and county agencies with the tools, training and solutions they need to manage finance, payroll, billing and more. Our customers will benefit from the expanded breadth of the Civic Platform. These new solutions will mean the ability to work with one single provider, eliminating the complexities associated with engaging numerous vendors and integrating disjointed or legacy systems.

On day one, Finance & Administration will serve the needs of Finance Directors, General Managers and IT Directors by offering the following:

  • Finance and Budgeting: Achieve high integrity with highly-tuned features, reliable delegation workflow, elimination of redundant tasks and automated processes to navigate all the complexities of financial accounting.
  • Payroll and Human Resources: Gain the flexibility to handle any deduction or benefit-of-pay scenario. Provide employees online self-service to save time and give staff access whenever and wherever it is convenient.
  • Utility Billing: Streamline utility billing and reporting processes with built-in intelligence and swift access to reliable data. These services can be easily configured for third-party billing companies or as a complete end-to-end billing wizard.
  • Property Tax: Exceed all residential, commercial and agricultural property tax needs from assessment through collection. Ensure compliance with all state regulations and gain powerful processing and reporting functions.

We’re thrilled to welcome Springbrook, SoftRight and their loyal customers to the Accela family. You can learn more about Accela Finance & Administration at



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