The Future of Government Is Here. What’s Your Digital Strategy?

Heidi Lorenzen

Heidi Lorenzen, Accela VP of Marketing

 As we approach 2020, a global wave of transformational technology is breaking over every industry and organization. The impact of digitization is growing in the public sector as more state and local government agencies embark on their own transformation journeys, driven by emerging and converging digital technologies.

The private sector’s famous innovators—brands like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Netflix who have embraced digitization to build breakthrough products and services—are well-known for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Conversely, obsolete corporations like Kodak, Blockbuster, and Sears have become cautionary tales and case studies for what happens when organizations fail to recognize trends and innovate in a timely manner.

Government innovation in the cloud

The story is no different in the government sector. Leading-edge government agencies already have adopted automation, cloud platforms, and self-service solutions to transform the way services are delivered to individuals and businesses. On the other end of the spectrum, late adopters continue to struggle with disparate systems, legacy technologies, and outdated processes. The more visible results of these behind-the-scenes problems include long wait times, overworked staff, and strained relationships between government agencies, individuals, and businesses.

For example, before moving to a single, flexible technology platform, the city of El Paso, Texas struggled with manual, paper-choked processes and the resulting inefficiencies. With more than 26 municipal departments, slow response times, delayed permit approvals, and backlogged caseloads led to lost documents and frustrated stakeholders. With many of El Paso’s departments using Accela products, the City now offers substantially improved customer service with faster response times on everything from complaints about property cleanup and trash collection to filing building permits and completing code inspections. In some instances, turnaround times dropped from three months to a few days.

It is a challenge for many government leaders to figure out where their own organizations are on this digital transformation journey, and what steps to take if they find themselves behind the technology curve. If you’re not sure, we’ve got great news.

Benchmark your innovation progress in minutes

We’re proud to announce that now you can gauge your digital readiness—how prepared your agency is to deliver next-level government services— in just minutes with CloudScoreTM, Accela’s new benchmarking tool we’ve developed along with Government Technology. CloudScore is a digital maturity assessment that evaluates how your organization is approaching digital transformation through its unique-in-the-industry focus on three critical factors: people, technology and processes.

[Get your free CloudScore now]
    • From this quick survey, you will learn:
  • Your organization’s CloudScore, which indicates readiness to deploy next-gen services
  • Why a purposeful digital strategy is crucial to streamline operations and service delivery
  • How cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies can transform your agency’s capabilities
  • Actionable recommendations and tactics to speed your organization’s transformation journey
  • “Instant Boost Tips,” featuring powerful tactics for quick wins, provided in a shareable report

Results from the survey will provide insights into whether your organization is in the Developing, Advancing, Maturing or Transforming stage of progress, and the tools and tech that will help you and your agency improve citizen services and fulfill the needs of growing communities.

To view additional digital readiness resources and receive a personalized review of your results with an Accela expert, please visit or get in touch for a personalized review of your results.

About The Author

Heidi Lorenzen

Heidi Lorenzen is Accela’s Senior Vice President, Marketing. Heidi is a high-impact global marketing executive with a 25+-year international career demonstrating her passion for taking fresh approaches to address unprecedented demands — and opportunities — on marketers. She is adept at leading change, repositioning companies, building legendary teams, reaching lofty goals, coaching and mentoring toward high performance, and “pushing the envelope” on creativity and innovation. Prior to Accela, Heidi was Vice President, Marketing at Singularity University where she built and led a team responsible for educating, inspiring and empowering leaders to apply exponentially-growing technologies (like biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience) to create a more abundant future and help address humanity’s biggest challenges. Previous to Singularity University, Heidi served as Chief Marketing Officer at CloudWords responsible for accelerating the growth, visibility, and value of the company through high-impact marketing. She also held senior marketing executive roles at enterprise software and technology leaders including Autonomy, Interwoven and Polycom. Heidi serves as Vice Chair of National League of City’s Corporate Partners Leadership Council, is a Business Mentor at Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator, and an Adjunct Professor, Business Strategy at San Francisco State University, College of Business. She holds a B.A. summa cum laude from Middlebury College (where she also learned to speak Mandarin Chinese) and an MBA in International Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

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