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We are pleased to announce that our latest software release is now available – Civic Platform 9.0! With this release, we are delivering a number of customer-requested features to make your job quicker and easier. We think you’ll be particularly excited about the Civic Platform’s redesigned workflow, citizen payment updates and improvements to GIS mapping.

1. Redesigned workflow

The biggest and most exciting change to the Civic Platform is the reimagined workflow. We continue to look for new ways to make you more efficient in your job, and in doing so, we completely redesigned the user interface and usability. The updates to the workflow user interface were made using Bootstrap, which is a sleek, intuitive and powerful framework for developing fast, responsive web pages which align with the new HTML interface that we are now using as well. The new UI is also responsive, so you no longer need to scroll left-to-right to get the information you need.

Additionally, we have designed the workflow to showcase information by summary, status and relevant dates.

workflow tasks screen

2. Citizen payment enhancements

Another exciting change is the ability for residents to make partial payments online. This means you can collect fees sooner from residents because they can pay for what is due immediately rather than waiting to come up with the entire balance of what is due. Residents will then be able to return to their account and pay for remaining items later.

3. GIS improvements

The third enhancement we think you will be pleased about is with the GIS mapping capability. In 9.0, we added the location-based page flow in Citizen Access. This feature allows citizens to select a work location on a map during an application process, which can automatically populate the Address and Parcel sections of the application. This enhancement removes Silverlight dependency in Citizen Access. Therefore, residents are no longer restricted to Internet Explorer. When the feature is turned on, they can use the browser of their choice, such as Chrome or Safari; all of which makes things easier and more seamless for everyone.

civic platform gis map screen

To learn more about the features in the 9.0 release, check out the 9.0 release webpage or log in to Community to get the full release notes.


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