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Earlier this week, we announced the availability of the Civic Cloud and, in parallel with that launch, you’ll notice some changes in how we talk about what we do for government agencies, how we work with partners and developers and how we engage citizens. I want you to understand what we’re trying to accomplish, why we’re confident we can build our business and provide a lot of value to a lot of agencies, and how you can help tell the story.

Today, Accela manages thousands of services and millions of transactions daily for more than 500 public agencies worldwide, connecting governments directly to people and streamlining processes such as permitting, licensing, asset land management and public health & safety. It’s fair to say that we have a heritage and a tradition of powering civic excellence.

Our business strategy is 1) to build on that strength and to expand our market opportunity and civic impact by building a volume business with partners to reach the vast number of smaller agencies, and 2) to systematically extend those government systems in order to actively engage citizens, businesses, industry professionals and agency personnel in key civic processes. We are applying cloud, mobile and social technologies to key agency and citizen challenges, and in the process, bettering government and governing through civic engagement.

We’ve chosen the term Civic Good as a tagline to describe our brand promise, and I hope you can see how civic excellence + civic engagement = civic good. By the way, we’ve also evolved our brand and logo to reflect these changes.

We look forward to engaging in constructive dialogue on the value of civic good and the opportunity to help agencies of all sizes, so please comment on what you see and share your own examples of civic good.


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