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I received an exciting email last week from David Riggs, NEHA President, reappointing me as NEHA’s Technology and Informatics Technical Advisor. NEHA (National Environmental Health Association), and its 5,000 work to advance the environmental health and protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all. Accela and NEHA are partnered in the Building Capacity initiative, a collaborative effort to elevate the environmental health profession through technology.

I have held the position of Technical Advisor for several years and welcome the opportunity to serve again. In this capacity, I am responsible for providing subject-matter expertise and counsel on informatics to include software, GIS, and management applications to NEHA’s board of directors, staff, affiliates and members. As one of 26 Technical Advisors covering areas relevant to environmental health, I am called on to assist NEHA in identifying and sharing trends and needs of importance, as well as participate in a variety of other activities requested and agreed upon by the NEHA board of directors. Last year, for example, I was invited to participate in a NEHA summit on data management.

In addition to our Building Capacity partnership and corresponding bimonthly Building Capacity column in NEHA’s research publication, the Journal of Environmental Health, I have enjoyed assisting NEHA in the development and implementation of the education offered at the NEHA AEC, including assessing AEC abstracts and moderating sessions. I look forward to contributing in 2017 as a content expert for the new and in whatever capacity is most needed with this advisory role.


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