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On Friday, September 29, 2017, Accela, Inc. was acquired by Berkshire Partners, LLC, a Boston-based investment firm. This is exciting news for Accela, our customers and partners. The change of ownership was affected through a merger transaction, and Accela will continue to operate as “Accela, Inc.” 

Berkshire Partners brings over 30 years of investment experience and expertise, and has a strong track record of partnering with companies to achieve substantial growth – they are investing in Accela’s future, our vision and our team. A copy of the Berkshire Partners press release can be found here.

With this development, there are undoubtedly questions about what this acquisition means for our customers and partners. From all sides, it should be business as usual. We anticipate the investment from Berkshire will enable us to continue to grow and provide industry-leading solutions for governments of all sizes worldwide, and allow us to dedicate more resources to the development and delivery of products that power efficiency and effectiveness. 

As we have done in the past and will continue doing going forward, Accela will provide the products and services our customers need, we just now have different owners. From a leadership perspective, the same executive team is in place, with the exception that we have a newly appointed CFO, Bruce Duner, and a new Chief Customer Officer, Jonathon Knight. Jonathon and his team will be responsible for the successful deployment and ongoing support of Accela’s customers. This includes establishing metrics for Accela’s customer relationships, managing how products and services are delivered to customers, and helping to define and streamline our overall operational approach.

We appreciate the loyalty of all of our customers and partners, and look forward to demonstrating our ongoing commitment to their success.


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