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Hesperia Unified School District Simplifies the Board Management Process

Solution Aims to Relieve School District of Paper-Based Headaches

Hesperia, a city located in San Bernardino County, California, is situated in the Mojave Desert. The Hesperia Unified School District, which serves the population and surrounding suburbs, wished to shift its processes away from paper-based agenda creation.

The district found that its current manual process was time-consuming and cumbersome. Executive Secretary II Lori Mente and Executive Assistant Cathy Gomez especially experienced the burden of the process, formatting agendas from scratch and hand delivering copies to each member of the Hesperia Unified Governing Board.


After searching for an answer to simplify its processes, Hesperia Unified School District discovered that Accela Legislative Management offered a complete solution that would reduce costs and eliminate redundant procedures. The solution removed many of the frustrations associated with the old process. It enabled Hesperia to automate agenda and documentation techniques and, with the minutes feature, meetings were available to staff and citizens in under an hour.

Accela Legislative Management also offered citizens a web portal on Facebook, which kept them in the loop on upcoming meetings and linked to agenda items. The portal kept citizens engaged, allowing them to view and review in one easily accessible location.


For Hesperia’s staff, the agenda-creation process was significantly streamlined and they are now able to focus on the work that truly benefits teachers, students, parents and administrative staff of the district. The solution continues to engage citizens by offering improved access into meetings and agenda items online.

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