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Teaneck, New Jersey, Saves Time and Money with Streamlined Meeting Management

Accela Makes It Easy to Organize, Distribute and Store Council Content

With a population of 39,776, Teaneck, New Jersey, was looking for direct access into key government decision-making. The township possessed an archaic agenda creation process that could take up to a week to organize. For this growing community, the lack of organization was creating a great deal of unnecessary work. A quick online search brought Accela Legislative Management to the attention of Jaime L. Evelina, RMC, Township Clerk. After receiving an informative demo, she decided to present the solution to the Township Council.


After moving forward with the implementation of Accela Legislative Management, the agency offered training to each new user. As they quickly came up to speed, the Township Clerk and her fellow Department Heads loved the convenience of accessing materials 24/7 from the office or home.

The solution has enabled Teaneck to simplify its agenda processes, shifting from an antiquated agenda creation process to Accela Legislative Management’s intuitive agenda creation. With a few simple clicks, Evelina can easily update the agenda, and even convert the agenda outline into a minutes outline.

Accela Legislative Management is a great fit for the community as well. It has enabled Evelina and the Township Council to promote transparency for the public with its features. Meetings are now broadcast live, and legislation is easily accessible through Accela’s portal, which is linked to the Township’s website.


Accela Legislative Management has significantly reduced costs for Teaneck, New Jersey. The software has proven to be a cost-effective solution, saving the Township money on purchases of paper, ink and overtime. According to Evelina, “Not only has the technology provided by Accela resulted in sufficient cost savings, but it has assisted me with implementing a process…that is organized, time-managed, transparent and aesthetically pleasing to the eye with an executive format. It has even decreased the number of records requests received on a daily basis, as our agendas, minutes, videos and legislation are now accessible directly from our website, in an easily searchable database.”

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