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Accela Service Request

Accela Service Request automates and manages interdepartmental or citizen requests for service, complaints, or inquiries. Accela Service Request allows agencies to organize and manage requests and strengthen citizen relations.

Departments that currently use Accela Service Request include:

  • Call Centers
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Customer Service
  • Police
  • Code Enforcement
  • Real Estate
  • Facilities



Improve Customer Service 

By automating service requests and providing a centralized database, Accela Service Request ensures that the agency is able to access real-time information about the status of any request at any time. Managing information is easy, saving staff time and reducing their overall response time to incoming requests.

Assign Projects Automatically

Accela Service Request allows service requests to be assigned automatically based on criteria that helps the system determine who is most qualified to respond. Alerts can be set to automatically request a follow-up action. By automating internal procedures, service can be provided consistently and thoroughly to all citizens.