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Accela helps California CUPAs manage critical data and permits, conduct inspections, and exchange data with CalEPA

Rigorous and complex data management and reporting requirements fuel the important work that California’s CUPAs perform to keep residents and first responders safe. CUPAs must manage data received from various sources while also conducting inspections, issuing permits, and implementing and monitoring enforcement actions.

More than 50% of California CUPAs utilize Accela’s cloud solutions and the Accela CERS Adapter to meet these challenges every day by:

  • Receiving and submitting records via CERS, with automatic updates to Accela records
  • Facilitating transparency with a public portal, automated reporting, and agency-wide data exchange
  • Automating inspection coordination and enforcement follow-up


Seamlessly intake, incorporate and/or report out Owner, Facility, Accounts Receivable, Permit, Inspection, and other critical data to CalEPA. The CERS Adapter can be scheduled or run on-demand and is certified by CalEPA for CERS Submittal Download and CME Upload.

Assign tasks, track and schedule inspections, link documents and other information to records, and track complex billing and surcharge fees, automatically

Accept documents and payments 24/7. Facility owners can communicate with your agency and monitor the status of open proceedings with your department

Your field team will get more done, faster with remote data access, automated routing, and GIS integration for efficient inspection assignments

Interested in learning more?

Find out how the Accela Civic Application and the Accela CERS Adapter can help improve your internal processes, and enhance access for your regulated facilities.

View our on-demand webinars featuring industry experts and Accela partners, products and customers.

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