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Automating the way local government works

Easily process and track applications, permits, inspections and licenses with GeoTMS. Launch our solution department-by-department, giving you room to grow when your agency is ready. 

Key Benefits

  • Increase productivity by spending less time answering status questions and more time with critical tasks
  • Easy to install with user-friendly installation tools and simple point-and-click technology
  • Easy to customize the application and which permits, licenses, complaints, inspections and certificates that you need with administration tools 
  • Enable easy access by allowing the general public, contractors and employees access to critical data and even apply online using your forms



Whether you’re in the Building, Health, Fire, Engineering or Public Works department, create, track and print permits and licenses with ease. The permitting modules allow your agency to manage permitting, licensing and sign off, with access to activity tracking, checklists and reports.


Manage and track all inspections, and gain the flexibility of scheduling inspections, recording violations, issuing certificates and generating reports with one solution. 


Automate the planning review process and track applications, hearings and decisions for historic related reviews and results from a Zoning Appeals Board. GeoTMS allows you to create custom determinations or application types, send notices, record hearings and conditions, and more.


Manage data exchanges between GeoTMS information and a copy of your assessors’ information. Compare and update parcel, structure and project information with file analysis features that compare GeoTMS, GIS and assessor files. Provide executives, administrative staff and other personnel within government to view GeoTMS data and manage complaints. Engage the public with access to view GeoTMS information online. Capture fees and create summary reports for virtually anything that you track in GeoTMS.


Coming Soon: GeoTMS 10.4! This latest version of GeoTMS brings modern field inspection technology to our tried and true desktop application. Using Windows-based tablets (like the Microsoft Surface Pro) your inspectors will be able to record inspection results, capture signatures, take photos of the site, print checklists in the field (with a mobile printer) and send inspection results back to the office through the cloud.