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You’re going to hear a lot about the Accela Civic Platform. It’s core to our mission of bridging the gap between government and citizens and is designed to help you engage—with citizens, across departments and jurisdictions, and with developers looking to create solutions to help you build better communities.

Today, Accela customers describe their environments in a manner of alphabet soup: AA, ACA, AMO, ESME, FIDs and the like. Over the years, Accela Automation has evolved to include a great many capabilities that are, in turn, part of the solutions that you’ve deployed to solve core government business problems in managing land, licensing, assets, and public health & safety.

Going forward, the term Accela Civic Platform will represent the collective Accela capabilities you use to manage functions in your community or jurisdiction. To be clear: we’re not taking anything away or changing any aspect of your license agreement—we are simplifying how we communicate the value of the platform approach. More importantly, we’re delivering the innovations you’ve requested and are offering platform enhancements like built-in open data and expanded capabilities for developers to increase the speed of innovation and to build the ecosystem further.

civic platform

We’re expanding the footprint of the Civic Platform with our recent acquisitions to provide capabilities like Right of Way Management to extend current Asset and Land Management capabilities, Legislative Management to manage civic meetings, digital boardrooms and board governance, and Recreation and Resource Management to help agencies collect entrance or usage fees and manage their natural resources more effectively. Each of these solutions is available for purchase today, and we intend to integrate them into the Civic Platform in a thoughtful, managed way.

To recap, the Accela Civic Platform provides:

  1. Functionality you already use every day plus access (at no extra charge) to new capabilities like open data.
  2. Developers with the ability to build innovative apps and extensions to offer you even more capabilities that extend the value of your existing solutions.
  3. You with the choice to evaluate, purchase and deploy new solutions in areas Accela hasn’t traditionally served.

We’ll share much more as we lead up to Accela Engage, and yes, someday soon customers will log into the Accela Civic Platform. We’re starting that transition now and will keep you informed every step of the way.

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