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How Accela Mobile can increase efficiency in the field 

The nearly 120,000 construction and building inspectors, over 6,300 code officers, and more than 23,000 health inspectors across the United States working for state and local governments have a common need to take their offices on the road with them.

If you are one of these or part of a government work crew, fire inspector, or another field worker, you know how important it is to have access to historical data, code information, routing and scheduling information, and the ability to capture data in various formats including checklists, free text, signatures, pictures and video while you’re on site.

When you are using a system that relies on paper file folders, or first-generation automated systems, you often need to do everything from making visits to the office for information and files needed in the field, to manually developing routes and schedules, to filling out paper forms and checklists in the field and then rekeying results into the system back in the office at the end of the day.

This creates significant time and overhead, impacting productivity and ability to keep up with demand. For residents and businesses, this means delays in construction or business openings, costing you time and money.

Accela Mobile

That’s why we created Accela Mobile. Our most recent version, V22.2.1, empowers you with a powerful remote office environment.

With Accela Mobile, inspections and investigations can be performed in the field using a phone or mobile device, both online and offline.

Accela Mobile ensures field workers can:

  • Result inspections
  • Update checklist items, individually or in batches
  • Capture evidence by attaching photos, videos and audio recordings
  • Create, reschedule and reassign records and inspections
  • And much more!

With the latest Accela Mobile updates, you have access to:

Enhanced sorting

A new sort order is available for the inspection job list. Once you select the sort option, the job list and routes will be sorted based on the route sheet order added in the back office, making it easier to create optimized routes.

Fractions capability

In some cases, addresses may contain a fraction, such as 123½ Main St. With V22.2.1, you can now display addresses with fractions to ensure parcels and properties can be more easily identified.

Assigning records

When creating a record, you can now assign it to anyone else using a drop-down list of departments to select from, adding clarity and flexibility in the system.

Image size

High resolution images can impact your synching speed and often the resolution and size of the images is not necessary. Now, you can determine the size of the image uploaded from a dropdown list, including small, medium, or large.

Added hardware options

Accela Mobile now includes support for devices that can run Android apps on Windows 11 OS, giving agencies who prefer Microsoft devices the ability to upgrade to Accela Mobile.

Further information for inspectors

Additional types of information are now available to inspectors in the field. This includes history of past inspection violations, attached photos and documents, or key comments, inspectors and code enforcement officers have additional insight to the locations they are going to.

Offline data processing

Often, if you’re in the field, you must travel to areas that may be out of reach of cell service. This is frequently the case in rural areas. With Accela Mobile, you can download the records and data needed for the inspections scheduled for that day, access all information while offline, and then capture all needed info at the site, saving it on their device.

When back online with data or cell services, users can initiate the synch when they know the connection will be stable.

Fieldwork is critical for state and local agencies, and at Accela, we work hard to give you, mobile employees, all the tools and technologies needed to maximize your productivity.

Get started today and download Accela Mobile on iOS, Android, and Windows.


We’d love to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions about Accela Mobile, future releases or want to know more about our product roadmap, please reach out to your Accela Sales Executive for more information or contact us to learn more.

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