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The Accela Civic Platform: Trust, Love, Creativity


At Accela, our company values of Trust, Love and Creativity drive everything we do. Though we don’t outwardly talk about these values frequently, they inform and support the way we behave internally as well as how we interact with customers, partners, developers and citizens. Because our beliefs and values are so important to us and everything we do, I wanted to take a moment to describe to you how we are living out these values.

We believe that engagement makes all the difference, and we make engagement easy by building bridges between citizens and government. To take it one step further, how does being a platform provider fit in with our corporate purpose of building a better democracy through engagement? And what are the implications of living our core values of trust, love and creativity?

The answer is in the Civic Platform, which simultaneously helps us serve agencies, citizens and developers, providing transparency, facilitating engagement and spurring innovation. It’s not just about permits and licensing. A platform approach enables our solutions to be customized and built upon, and the resulting innovations can be shared to benefit others. The Civic Platform enables us to create a much larger ecosystem that is focused on building better democracies by engaging citizens. It really is the foundation that helps us fulfill our values.


Trust is the foundation of good democracy, and we also uphold this standard at Accela. Over 800 local, state and federal government agencies have come to trust Accela solutions, and we’re proud of our successful track record of helping agencies to streamline and accelerate government processes and services. Engendering trust requires more than simply powering transactions; it demands providing information transparently and making it available to citizens when and where they need it.  This is where Accela is leading the market—we believe so strongly in transparency and the power of open data that we provide a robust open data portal for customers and civic innovators.


In a thriving democracy, people show love for their communities, and governments show love for their people. Take these examples of agencies engaging and collaborating with citizens and their business community to foster better democracy: in Cleveland, it’s a story of revitalization—with entire blocks of blighted properties being removed to make way for new housing and business. In Palo Alto, it’s meant economic development and growth as they’ve become easier to do business and work with. By facilitating engagement and managing citizen relationships, the Civic Platform inspires love between citizens, governments and their communities—the essence of what we mean by #CivicGood.


Finally, when it comes to engagement between government and citizens, there is a vast potential of innovation waiting to be tapped that will further help communities engage to build better democracies. In the Civic Platform, we are living out this value by providing an open platform with robust capabilities including Accela Construct APIs and SDKs, and open datasets that are standardized across regions and jurisdictions. The Civic Platform provides civic innovators with the ability to quickly build, sell and deploy innovative new solutions. This is an essential enabler and catalyst for public/private partnerships. We’re investing heavily with organizations such as Code for America, active in conversations around open data policy and working extensively with civic innovators through events such as our recent Accela Construct App Challenge.

Instilling and driving creativity is made possible through the hard work, creativity and passion of our employees who work with Accela customers and civic innovators to bring those innovations to life.  The Civic Platform improves government through civic engagement by inspiring trust, love and creativity. We are proud to foster this engagement and will continue to expand upon our platform capabilities with the hope of facilitating better communities.


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