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Communities across the country are facing new extreme weather patterns and increasingly stronger natural disasters. From the devastating impacts of the Maui wildfires to the catastrophic flooding in the southwestern United States from Tropical Storm Hilary, local governments must be prepared for and respond to the challenges ahead.

Accela is committed to providing the best tools at the heart of government operations, ensuring critical services can remain operational, jurisdictions can recover quickly, and all residents can live in safe and strong communities.

To help government leaders recently impacted by Tropical Storm Hilary or Hurricane Idalia in the southeast, Accela is offering all customers free access to our Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA) Cloud Service, which was relaunched in May with enhanced capabilities to make natural disaster support more accessible and actionable.

This solution helps communities respond and rebuild more quickly and affordably, streamlining necessary inspections and assessments to ensure residents can return to their homes and businesses safely. The tool offers:

  • New geospatial and mobile capabilities for offline field access
  • Bulk inspection record creation and assignments
  • Public-facing portal for reporting of RDA results by address and area
  • Relief permitting compliance
  • Immediate windshield survey inspections for FEMA relief and infrastructure assessment

As agencies work to increase their communities’ resiliency in the face of hurricanes, fires, tornados, and more, they need quick, affordable and easy-to-implement technology to expedite relief and help them prepare to mitigate the impact of future disasters.

RDA’s expanded capabilities are based on customer feedback and Accela’s decades of experience helping communities respond when natural disasters strike. Following Hurricanes Ian, Dolly, Ike, Katrina, Harvey and Irma, Accela worked closely with city leaders and inspectors to use our RDA solution to decrease the timeline of damage assessment work and get residents and businesses back on their feet.

To those communities impacted by Tropical Storm Hilary, Hurricane Idalia and other recent disasters, please know your safety and recovery is our utmost priority. We see you, we are here for you, and we will do all in our power to help. Our support team is standing by 24/7 to quickly set up for inspections and to safely return residents to homes and businesses.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for help. If you are a customer jurisdiction in need of property and infrastructure inspection assistance, contact us at


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