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Three Keys to Transforming Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

Family, friends, holiday and work gatherings require a lot of behind-the-scenes effort. With alcohol included in many gatherings, a critical, behind-the scenes effort is the…
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Modernizing Business Licensing for Today’s Dynamic Economy

One of the primary pillars of building a strong community is nurturing and growing the local economy. Streamlined businesses licensing – often an afterthought in…
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ICMA 2019 Roundup: The Role of Technology in Emerging Regulations

Emerging technology presents a difficult challenge for government agencies tasked with balancing citizen rights, public safety and privacy with the demand for new…
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Smart City Policy Summit Roundup: The Advantages of Short-term Rental Regulation

Last week, on a sweltering August day in Austin, Texas, nearly 200 participants gathered to discuss one of the hottest topics facing local governments…
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Culver City Digitizes Cannabis Regulation

In emerging industries, from car sharing to short-term rentals, cities face a range of regulatory complexities. They’re challenged to implement permitting, inspections and licensing across…
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