EH assessment

Is Your Community Ready for the Next Health Outbreak?

Take this assessment to see if your health department has the right tools to confront tomorrow’s environmental health challenges

Environmental Health Assessment

When it comes to community health issues, cities seek support from their local health department first. Food poisoning, pest infestations, water contamination, hazardous material spills, these are just a few critical challenges departments confront daily.

The right tools are essential to respond to these issues. Health departments need tools that ensure they can deliver frequent field inspections, fast permitting transactions, clear reports and provide an easy and accessible way for residents to submit information and make requests.

In the Accela Environmental Health Assessment you can answer a set of simple questions to gauge your environmental health readiness based on your current tools and processes. We look at permit and plan review, payment services, applicant communications and transactions, current systems, response turnaround times, inspector day-today processes, data management and more.

Begin the assessment below and get your results and recommendations.

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Since 1999 Accela has provided market-leading software solutions that empower state and local governments worldwide to build thriving communities, attract and grow businesses, and protect citizens. From planning, building, licensing and permitting, to asset and service request management, finance, environmental health and more, Accela’s SaaS offerings are designed to readily solve government’s biggest challenges with extensive domain expertise built into every solution. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Accela’s open and flexible workflow automation technology helps agencies address specific constituent needs today, while ensuring they are prepared for any emerging or complicated challenges in the future. Accela’s solutions serve more than 80 percent of America’s largest cities. Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with additional offices around the world.

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