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I joined Accela this past Fall to help state and local governments work better for their citizens. I’m convinced that by improving everyday interactions between communities and their governments we can improve society as a whole.

This was a natural career progression. Prior to Accela, I headed up marketing at Singularity University, a unique organization that helps executives and entrepreneurs understand and address the exponential rate of technological change to create a better future for humanity. I witnessed first-hand how hard it is for the private sector, let alone governments, to adapt. That’s why I answered the call about the opportunity at Accela, the technology leader modernizing governments so communities can thrive!

Now four months into my role leading marketing here, I’m focused on raising awareness and understanding of Accela’s track record in, and solutions for, helping governments work better through technological progress. Unlike private sector companies which deliver goods and services to specific market segments, governments operate in service of every human in their jurisdiction. Their mandate is daunting, yet their potential impact on positive change is massive. That’s what drew me to Accela, and what motivates me every day.

Helping governments evolve is no small feat. Besides being confronted with dizzying technological shifts (especially migration to the cloud), state and local government leaders, administrators and IT professionals need to respond rapidly to highly dynamic social and regulatory environments. Their citizens and local businesses expect app-like access to systems, consumer-like service, and high levels of transparency. Communities are voting for unprecedented rights like cannabis legalization, and are opting for shared economy offerings like short-term rentals. Even natural disasters are driving needs for advanced approaches to regulation. Governments, which exist to protect the safety, health, freedom, and economic well-being of their constituents, can’t keep up using the processes and tools of even just a few short years ago.

With modern, agile solutions and deep, long-established industry and market expertise, Accela is helping governments address current needs while preparing for whatever onslaught of new demands come next.

I joined Accela on the heels of a remarkable year that set the company up for renewed market and customer impact. The company opened a new chapter by bringing on Ed Daihl as CEO and hiring a number of other trusted senior executives. Berkshire Partners purchased Accela in what is being called the largest govtech deal yet, ensuring we have the resources to deliver ever-increasing value and innovation to our customers. Accela was also recognized for the third year in a row on the GovTech 100 list.

To further help governments navigate uncharted waters, we recently created the Accela Center of Expertise (ACE), a newly formed group on my team comprised of industry leaders with deep expertise in emerging and complex govtech challenges. Accela customers are now aligned with the industry’s top subject-matter experts who are focused on policy, innovation and knowledge-share around regulatory trends, and leading governments through the process of technological transformation.

With an aligned and experienced executive leadership team, and a strong foundation to build on, Accela’s marketing team is raising the volume on both Accela’s voice and our customers’ voices as experts in powering government effectiveness. Our pioneering customers are inspiring new approaches to governing, and setting the course for a flourishing future. We are strengthening the bonds within the Accela ecosystem through our online Community, and at events like our annual conference Accelarate where customers and partners build relationships and can learn from one another. The team is also focused on strengthening the growth engine for the company, so we can increasingly invest in the innovative technology and professional services fueling our customers’ success.

I’m proud to be a part of a company whose mission is tied to such important trends of our time. There is no limit to the positive, transformational impact we can make together. Time to get back to work!


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