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Residents and business owners experience seamless and intuitive digital retail and service interactions— like from Amazon and Uber—as the standard, and they expect the same 24/7 presence and convenience from their government. Beyond the public experience and perception issues, government efficiency and effectiveness is at stake. Resident access and participation in government has rapidly become dependent on the ready availability of information and engagement tools through digital platforms. Offering online licensing and permitting capabilities is simply the new expectation level.

Goodbye paper, hello progress

For government agencies that have invested in technology, gone are the days of cumbersome paper permits and licenses. Processing is simple and streamlined; yet, still not fast enough if you’re using outdated software to manage your community development needs.

With recent federal funding initiatives, you or your department may now be looking for a more modern, cloud-based alternative that includes greater ability to meet customer expectations for agility and transparency, while offering your agency the flexibility and scalability to evolve with growth and shifting regulations, not to mention the security of the cloud. This is achieved when you have a unified platform that can evolve with your specific needs, while delivering what your residents and businesses expect today. Expert services and rich partner ecosystems with decades of government experience are also demanded by those seeking the best solutions for today’s community development demands.

30 minutes to discover a better way

Join us on June 22nd from 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT to hear from Accela’s Product experts on how Accela’s application-specific software—designed with permitting and licensing best practices built-in—means rapid implementation and shortened time to value and can deliver a first-class digital experience for you and your constituents today and in the long run.

The 30-minute webinar will cover:

Key components of a modern customer-facing portal that’s mobile-responsive in design

Opportunities to integrate and optimize an open API solution

Well-defined building and planning workflows built to shorten turnaround times

Register now to explore the 5 integrated, specialized govtech must-haves that customers are seeking and discover how they already exist with Accela’s Civic Applications.

See you on the 22nd!

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