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Accela Connect is a four-day event in early March that will bring together developers, business partners, customers and Accela staff to discuss ways that we can strengthen the civic technology ecosystem and create new links between governments and those that they serve.

You can read more about this event in a previous post on the Accela blog by Ken Sawtelle, Director of the Accela Center of Excellence. As part of the event, we’re holding an open data hackathon.

The Accela Connect Hackathon will include civic technologists and developers and will focus on building new data visualizations using real government open data from Accela customers housed in the CivicData platform. Participants will use live data to build compelling visualizations that underscore the value of open data to governments and those they serve.

This hackathon will be a great opportunity to give all attendees at Accela Connect first-hand experience of the power of open data. There isn’t a more compelling argument in favor of governments fostering innovation by releasing easy-to-use data than building a new app to showcase the strength of this approach.

An all-star panel of judges—including Accela President and CEO Maury Blackman—will select the top projects, and the winners will receive cash prizes. We’ll also display the work done at the hackathon during the event’s regular program on Monday, March 2nd. Every participant in the event will receive some special goodies for their awesome work, so be sure to check out the prizes and Hackathon rules here!

Don’t miss this opportunity to demonstrate your open data skills and make a lasting impact on a wide audience of Accela customers and partners.

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