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Accela helps city, county and state agencies like yours make big changes. From increasing efficiencies to breaking down silos to providing expertise that meets our customers wherever they are on their digital journey, Accela’s solutions and service offerings make positive impacts in jurisdictions across the globe.

Customer Advocates

Just ask Charlotte County, NC, who saw a 40% increase in requests for single family home construction permits, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic but was able to process these permits in half the time thanks to their enterprise Accela deployment. Or the State of Tennessee, which used Accela to change the annual liquor license renewal rush from a monumental task requiring nights and weekends into a “business as usual” non-event.

When Accela helps your agency accomplish something great, it’s natural that you want to tell as many stakeholders as you can: managers, mayors, councils, boards and legislatures, constituents, etc. Solving problems, achieving efficiencies, and bringing about positive changes and outcomes in communities gives you legitimacy and helps you maintain or capture new resources for the future.

Rewarding Success

Your success is your community’s success, and your success is also Accela’s success. That’s why we created the Accelarators—Accela’s customer advocacy program—to track and reward our customers for sharing their successes on behalf of Accela.

There are three ways Accela customers can participate as an Accelarator:

  • One is by joining Accela Success Community forums to share your expertise and best practices with other Accela users—our customers love learning from each other.
  • A second pathway is to recommend Accela products and services to potential and existing customers. Accelarators can do this by serving as a reference on an RFP response that Accela submits, or sharing expertise with an interested Accela prospect over phone or email.
  • The final Accelarator pathway is to agree to be the subject of a case study, be quoted in a press release, speak with industry media about the project, or participate in a webinar with the Accela team. With this option, you also get to spread the word about your achievements!

For each advocate activity, you’ll earn points which can be redeemed for training and free passes to Accela’s annual industry and user conference, Accelarate. Are you already an Accela Accelarator? Email us to ask about redeeming your existing Accelarator points for a FREE pass to Accelarate 2022 (requires 100 points per pass).

Ready to join? The application takes only two minutes to complete!

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