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Cybersecurity has been listed as a top priority for government agencies and IT professionals for the past several years, yet with regular reports of breaches headlining the news media, citizens remain concerned. The costs to defend against just ransomware attacks is growing extremely fast. It was estimated that businesses and governments spent average of $8B in 2018, $11.5B in 2019, and $20B in 2020 protecting systems against cyberattacks (

A recent Forbes article revealed 88% of U.S. adults think organizations and government entities should have better data security systems in place to protect them from the increase in third-party remote attacks.

Is your organization focusing on the right priorities and investments to ensure your data— and the trust of your citizens—doesn’t fall victim to cyberattacks?

Insights and technology to better prepare

Accela and Microsoft have joined together on Azure to provide the highest levels of data security backed by a SaaS-centric, Default Deny, Zero-Trust posture. Our SaaS environment includes Accela’s optimized clusters running in Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure. The combination of our internal security measures, and the advanced security capabilities of Azure, provides Accela’s SaaS customers with the highest degrees of protection possible across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations.

During our next scheduled Govern the Future Academy event— which is Accela’s national event series welcoming agencies regionally or to gather and discuss a specific topic—we’ll be hosting a live 60-minute conversation titled, “Govern the Future: Cybersecurity Fireside Chat”. The discussion will be moderated by Phil Bertolini, VP of Center for Digital Government, and will feature cybersecurity experts from Accela and Microsoft and will focus on how you can proactively protect your agency from current, and emerging, cybersecurity threats.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Current cybersecurity landscape
  • New and emerging threats
  • Security and technology advancements
  • Emerging data security requirements

Tuesday, September 28th

11 AM – 12 PM PT




Accela and Microsoft are working closely together to provide customers with a highly secure environment — at a lower cost — letting customers focus more about providing high quality services to their citizens, and not threats to their IT infrastructures.

I encourage you to register now to be a part of this insightful and thought-provoking event and learn key steps you can take today to reduce your organization’s cybersecurity risk.

Register to attend the live event here.


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