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Sharing Data for Equitable Outcomes

Profile picutre of Accela


| CybersecurityGovTech
This blog post was initially shared on the NLC website. While data plays a central role in informing state and local government policies…
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We’re Talking Cybersecurity with the Experts. Join Us.

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Steffanie Zazulak

| CybersecurityGovTech
Cybersecurity has been listed as a top priority for government agencies and IT professionals for the past several years, yet with regular reports of breaches…
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Survey Ranks Cybersecurity Top Concern Among County CIOs

The Center for Digital Government and the National Association of Counties report cybersecurity is the greatest concern for county CIOs This month the Center for…
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Agencies Advance Cybersecurity, Recruitment and Cost Savings with SaaS

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Jason Shueh

| Cybersecurity
Accela and Microsoft define key benefits of SaaS and how it can revitalize and safeguard citizen services Technology should solve government problems, not create them. …
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SaaS: The Emerging Standard for Government Agencies

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Adam Stone

| CybersecuritySmart Cities
Microsoft and Accela Spotlight Benefits Found in the Next Generation of Software-as-a-Service As government technology leaders aim to modernize their operations, they’re looking for tools…
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