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Accela announced today that we have acquired IQM2, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions to manage public meetings, minutes and video content, and board appointments and governance. We view this as an outstanding opportunity to help our agency customers streamline and accelerate the entire experience of preparing, deciding and sharing the results and content of public meetings online. It’s also a way to offer transparency to encourage citizens to engage and have a voice in government decisions.

The IQM2 solution, which will be branded Accela Legislative Management, is purposely designed for the agency staff that manages the public sector meeting process, including pre- and post-meeting efforts to originate, approve, track, audit, search, and disseminate content and results. Additionally, the solution facilitates electronic voting for agenda resolutions and tracks board seat requirements, terms, applications and applicant interviews for board seat vacancies.

Hernando County, Florida, uses it to build a broadcast presence and keeps citizens near and far engaged in local government. The Hesperia Unified School District uses it to simplify the board management process. And Teaneck, New Jersey, uses it to easily organize, distribute and store council content.

By bringing IQM2 into the Accela family, we’ll extend the Civic Platform capabilities and value proposition for Accela customers and we will be able to serve even more agencies, large and small, including city, county, state and federal governments; school boards, including colleges and universities; tribal councils; and special districts for water, fire, energy and waste management.

Accela Legislative Management includes:

  • Meeting Management: Empowers you to easily manage meeting documents, review processes and procedures, create agenda packets and minutes, distribute post-meeting letters, publish to the web and conduct searches. Additionally, meeting organizers can display supporting documentation, enable speaker sign-ups and manage voting.
  • Media Management: Automates the video recording, uploading and publishing of meetings and other events, and enables the interactive searching of the resulting transcripts and video.
  • Board Management: Streamlines the entire process of managing government board and committee appointments, making board governance paper-free and simple.

So why is Accela expanding our focus into legislative management? We believe that engagement makes all the difference and that democracy thrives when governments work directly with the people. Agencies small and large can benefit by deploying modern technology to streamline antiquated, inefficient processes, improve transparency by providing open access to all meeting minutes and video, and to build trust and better communities by working directly with citizens.

Indeed, engagement can make all the difference and help democracy thrive—and we can do a lot of civic good in the process. 

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